Our organization is composed of volunteers, and we are always looking to add new people to our team who can make our events the best they can be. Your level of experience does not matter. We are looking for people passionate about building and growing in the best way possible. We can teach anybody!

Tournament Organization

Tournament organizers are responsible for making our events run efficiently while still making sure attendees are happy.

We think a key way to grow the Fighting Game Community is to make sure events are enjoyable and exciting experiences so that people want to return each and every week.

Tournament organizers will learn how to setup and breakdown our equipment, as well as running brackets and making incremental process improvements to our structure.

Stream Manager

Stream managers record and broadcast gameplay from our community events.

Making sure our broadcasts are easily available and high quality provides a key value adds to our events: fans around the world can watch their favorite players, and players can watch and learn from their footage.

Stream managers will be trained to operate equipment such as cameras, lighting, and broadcast software such as OBS, while learning about audio mixing and video encoding.


Outreach team members are tasked with introducing new people to the Fighting Game Community and our events.

GVS’s key principle is that the constant and continuous growth of fighting games is very important to the health of that scene and our organization.

Non-endemic growth initiatives can take many forms, such as online marketing, flyer distribution, festival booths, or new, creative and engaging ideas to get people involved in our passion.

Community Development

Community developers work with the rest of our team to help proactively identify and address the needs of our community.

If players don’t feel that their needs are being met and heard, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain positive growth and vibes throughout the community.

We are big fans of identifying problems early and often, and iterating week over week to make sure our implemented solutions are best for both us and our community.

Data Analysis

Data analysts are asked to look at the data drawn from our events and help us draw meaningful conclusions from them.

Relying and intuition and instinct is powerful and useful, but having data driven initiatives will help us make better use of our resources to create the biggest and brightest impacts.

We’re particularly interested in the analysis of community numbers over time, and looking to identify what causes inflection points in those totals, and how we can either increase their growth or slow their decay.


The Fighting Game Community is an expansive and ever-changing community with a super distributed method of communication across sub-divisions of that community.

Members of the marketing team are tasked with crossing those divides to get news and information to all corners of our community and the greater community.

Social media such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Discord are the primary tools of the trade,but we’re open to new forms of engagement too.

Let's build a community, together.

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