Let’s build a Fighting Game Community, together.

Founded in 2015, Great Value Smash is a team of hard-working and dedicated volunteers committed to creating professional, high quality, player-focused tournament experiences.


Our gaming events are the backbone of our organization, and a great way to engage with our community.

All ages and skill levels are encouraged to join us at Nomads Adventure Quest in South Windsor, CT.

Our gaming events feature competitions for your favorite fighting game titles including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Smash 64, and Project+. Check out our events page to find the next night for your game of choice!


Great Value Smash is a team of passionate and hardworking people from all walks of life. Our goal is to build, nurture and help sustain the greater Fighting Game Community.

No matter your age, skill, or background, we encourage anyone with a passion for fighting games or working as a team to apply. If a position looks interesting to you, click below!


With over a decade of competition experience, Great Value Smash is one of the most professional and capable tournament organizing teams on the planet.

We’ve worked with huge partners like Ubisoft, Red Bull, Pittsburgh Knights, and Collegiate Star League to help deliver quality esports events all around the world.

Thousands of gamers see our events every day. Let’s work together to get your brand to the forefront of esports events. References are available upon request.


Profits from our merch store go right back into improving the experience for our players!

Press Kit

All of our logos and brand guidelines can be found in our press kit.


Check out our Medium page for more content including interviews and event updates.

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