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Founded in 2015, Great Value Smash is an Esports organization committed to the production and execution of high quality events for professional video game players. Our focus is the fighting game community, and we aim to set the standard for excellence at the local, national and worldwide levels. We plan, run, and stream all of our events as well as directly support our top competitiors, giving us full control over the experience of our viewers and players. Not only do we intend to fill this niche - we will dominate it.



Justin "paperfairy" Mills

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paperfairy is the CEO. He used to play Smash, but now spends his time money matching kids in Pokémon Puzzle League.

Matthew "Dual" Vining

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Dual is the co-founder and Stream Manager. He is the guy to go to for all technical issues that arise within Great Value Smash.

Jillian "Cupcake" Bower

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Jillian is the Merchandise Manager. She sells shirts, hoodies, etc. She causally plays but mostly spends her time coloring and socializing.


Chris "Icylight" Fauteux

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I've been entering tournaments since I was about 10. I started with stuff like counter-strike 1.0 (when it was still a mod!), and have since been a top contender in the majority of competitive games. My main genres are FPS and Mobas, but I still like to play smash and other stuff for fun 😀 Right now I'm focusing on high level Overwatch (rank 75+) and Project M!

Kyle "Kycse" Carrero

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Wtf, this isn’t street fighter! OH SHIT!!! Charizard!? F@%k it, I’m #InDere. Get rekt scrubs. I’m also currently studying mathematics and computer sciences. Let's play video games!

Douglas "Cheeseburger" Cosip

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Been playing fighting games since I was 12. I just want to mash buttons and play! I am probably the nicest person you will ever meet. Currently plays SF V, will probably dabble in KOF.

Thomas "Silver" Manning

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I've been playing Smash for a little under 5 years. Started with Brawl, moved on to Project M and Melee and have been hooked ever since. Always looking for an opportunity to play and teach the game with others.